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  Life comes in a package. This package includes happiness and sorrow, failure and success, hope and despair. Life is a learning process. Experiences in life teach us new lessons and make us a better person. With each passing day we learn to handle various situations.


  Love plays a pivotal role on out life. Love makes you feel wanted. Without love a person could go hayward and also become cruel and ferocious. In the early stage of our life, our parents are the ones who shower us with unconditional love and care, they teach us about what is right and wrong, good and bad. But we always tend to take this for granted. It is only after marriage and having kids that a person understands and becomes sensitive to others feelings. Kids make a person responsible and mature and help us to understand life better.

  Happiness and Sorrow

  Materialistic happiness is short-lived, but happiness achieved by bringing a smile on others face gives a certain level of fulfillment. Peace of mind is the main link to happiness. No mind is happy without peace. We realize the true worth of happiness when we are in sorrow. Sorrow is basically due to death of a loved one, failure and despair. But these things are temporary and pass away.

  Failure and Success

  Failure is the path to success. It helps us to touch the sky, teaches us to survive and shows us a specific way. Success brings in money, fame, pride and self-respect. Here it becomes very important to keep our head on out shoulder. The only way to show our gratitude to God for bestowing success on us is by being humble, modest, courteous and respectful to the less fortunate ones.

  Hope and Despair

  Hope is what keeps life going. Parents always hope their children will do well. Hope makes us dream. Hope builds in patience. Life teaches us not to despair even in the darkest hour, because after every night there is a day. Nothing remains the same we have only one choice keep moving on in life and be hopeful.

  Life teaches us not to regret over yesterday, for it has passed and is beyond our control. Tomorrow is unknown, for it could either be bright or dull. So the only alternative is work hard today, so that we will enjoy a better tomorrow.












  I believe, for every drop of rain
that falls, A flower grows…
I believe that somewhere in the
darkest night, A candle glows…
I believe for everyone who
goes astray, Someone will come,
to show the way, I believe, I believe…
I believe, above the storm the
smallest prayer, Will still be heard…
I believe, that someone in that
great somewhere, Hears every word…
Every time I hear a newborn baby cry,
Or touch a leaf,
or see the sky,
Then I know why, I believe!
Every time I hear a newborn baby cry,
Or touch a leaf,
or see the sky,
Then I know why, I believe!



  My aunt died back in about 2003. She was eighty——four and so was my uncle. When she passed he was devastated. They had been married for over 60 years. We expected him to pass on quickly after she died. He attended his church more frequently and his mourning was nearly unbearable to witness. His only daughter lived clear across the country so he had only the rest of the extended family and church family to comfort him.

  My cousin talked him into selling the house that he and my aunt had built together about twenty five years before. It was very hard to part with the home they built together. He was going to move into an apartment, but at the last moment, my cousin and he saw a new house for sale, that was close to his business. She helped him buy furniture and a flat screen television. He had not watched television for years because of his religion. He got back into watching the news and history channel and religious programs when my aunt was in the nursing home. He was like a kid with a new toy but still grieved horribly for my aunt.

  我伯母大约在2003年去世。她已是84岁高龄,我伯父与她同龄。伯母的去世对伯父来说是个沉重的打击。他们结婚超过 60年了。伯母去世后,我们以为伯父很快也会跟着离开。伯父愈加频繁地去教会,他的悲恸几乎令人不忍目睹。他唯一的女儿一直住在离他很远的另一个地方,因而他只能从家族的远亲以及教会同伴那里寻求慰藉。